Spring Garden Melt

After 5 months of snow cover, large patches of ground are now visible. Although I check them regularly, only a few green shoots of perennials are visible. The iris, which are south facing and near the warm foundation, are the first to brave the cold air. A few perennials such as Campanula (bellflowers) have remained semi-green throughout the long cold winter under their blanket of snow. As well, the Dryopteris expansa (wood ferns) have retained their green fronds. With the ground being so wet, I’ve mostly viewed the garden from the patio and sidewalks. I’m waiting for the last snow piles to melt and the ground to dry out before starting my spring gardening and actually cleaning up the last of the perennial foliage. The first job will be collecting the many fallen branches from the willow tree. Here are some photos of the winter accumulation before the spring cleanup. The leaf mulch is still covering many plants.

iris, new growth


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