Overly Optimistic About Signs of Spring

Three days ago I had fantasies about the last snow piles melting this week and being able to do my spring gardening cleanup, even though I knew that some plants still needed the protective cover. However, this morning I woke up to a brand new blanket of snow, which is not unusual in April. Oh well, the moisture will be good for the trees and the perennials will be insulated from the cold. At least I can stop my persistent search for signs of early bulbs for a while. Here is a picture of part of the garden in my backyard.

Backyard snow April 5

The evergreen branches actually looked quite pretty out of my front window, covered in clean white snow. Here is a picture taken through my front window today.

closeup snow on spruce and pine

These large spruce, planted by the previous owner, are probably too close to the house. From the front sidewalk they obscure and shade most of the house, but I love how they look in winter covered in snow and they do keep it private. They are also the home or resting spot to many birds. I can often stand at my front window and see the chickadees darting about on the branches and hear their chatter from inside the house.

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