Colourful Iris Blooms

Iris blueThese iris recovered from the hail better than anticipated. We had a severe wind storm with accompanying hail. Although the plants were whipped around, pounded by frozen ice, and bent by sticks landing on them, most bounced back nicely. Afterwards, I played the willow tree’s favourite game – pick up sticks. The willow never grows tired of this game. I play this weekly with this tree, but this time we had a longer session.

This iris has very pretty purplish blue flowers. You can see the unopened dark blue bud just behind, which is attractive in its own right. The petals are slightly streaked from the hail, but not bad.

blue iris and yellow irisI only have a small section of this perennial and they have not been consistent bloomers. That might be because the Campanula glomerata (clustered bellflower) was invading its territory. C. glomerata does not respect other plant’s personal space. I’ve removed a lot of the clustered bellflower from the area which might have helped the iris, since it didn’t even bloom last year. This year it has the most buds ever, about 8. However, the yellow and maroon iris which are nearby, never have a problem blooming. It’s also possible that this iris does not do as well in semi-shade, or is just not as vigorous. If it were any larger, I would divide it, and try it in a different area.

Iris yellowThe standards on these yellow iris weren’t standing upright after the storm. They were pretending they were falls, but enough new blooms opened that it’s not really noticeable. This 4.5 metre (15 foot) bed of iris goes across the front of the deck. When it’s flowering, this yellow iris is dense with blossoms.  I like this plant in a large group as a cloud of yellow. You can see this iris combined with clustered bellflower here.

These two iris have such different personalities. Although I love the colour of the blue one, it is not as hardy. It has stayed about the same size for seven years, and some years it is hardly noticeable. The faithful yellow and maroon iris seems to thrive, spread and bloom no matter where I put it. I wish I knew the names of these two. Do you have a favourite iris?

16 thoughts on “Colourful Iris Blooms”

  1. I don’t have a favorite iris yet, but do admire those I see walking. We don’t have any in the garden, so this year I made a list – get iris for next year. Your bank of yellow iris looks great.

  2. They look wonderful, I especially like blue irises. Ours are all over now, will have to wait until next year to see them bloom again


  3. Chris, even though they only have a short bloom period, iris are well worth their space in the garden for the beautiful flowers.

    Zoe, my garden is like the little brother or sister who tags along behind the older kids, finally climbing over the fence long after everybody else has left the park. With the long winter, everything blooms a month or two later here.

  4. Perennial garden lover, I can see the yellow and maroon iris out the sliding glass doors of my family room when I recline on the couch. I love looking at the soft yellow, and I’m always a little disappointed when they finish blooming.

    Nancy, it’s nice now that there is more blue to go with the yellow. I hope the blue iris starts spreading. Then I can divide the rhizomes to put with some of the other areas of yellow iris.

  5. I don’t think I could pick a favourite iris – I love them all. I have been coveting the yellow ones though. Must find one next year!

  6. I also love irises, although they are done blooming so quickly. But even afterwords their folliage looks still nice and interesting. Good, that the hail didn’t damage too much. We also get thunderstorm every night lately.

  7. Bek, there is an up side to the weather. I haven’t had to water anything but containers for a couple of weeks now.
    It’s a bonus that the fleeting beauty of the iris flowers are followed by their sword-like foliage.

  8. I just discovered your blog through the comments on Amy’s blog. It’s good to meet another zone 3 Canadian gardener. Iris does well here in Regina. Siberian Iris tend to be my favourite ones, but I love all of them.

    The hail must have been ferocious … I’m glad to hear that the Irises weren’t damaged by it. Amazing how plants can bounce back. (I’ve currently got a clump of Iris looking as if they are blooming along the ground – courtesy of a large tree branch that fell from a neighbour’s tree during high winds and flattened them.

  9. Kate, I lucked out. Since this iris gets so many blooms, the damaged ones were soon hidden. I was pleasantly surprised by how much better they looked in 2 days.
    It’s hard to bounce back from a total flattening, though, at least this year. Next year your iris might appreciate the extra light they get with less shade from the tree.

  10. I wasn’t an iris fan until I saw the iris fields in the Merian Park this Spring. There are only a few in my garden but also in a sunny spot. Probably they need better soil than I can offer, as they do not bloom so rich. Your blue sort is beautiful!

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