12 thoughts on “Damselfly on Iris Landing Pad”

  1. Krys, I used a Pentax optio S6, and the macro focus. It’s a little automatic with a built-in standard lens. It can’t take real closeup macro photos, but it does a good job on most garden photos and the odd little garden visitor. It’s lightweight and versatile.
    For some of the photos I took in May, I used a Pentax K 10D SLR, with a separate macro lens. With that camera, you can take closeups of the flower stamens, if you want.

  2. Stunning photograph. It feels like the damsel is looking back at us with a smile saying, “pardon me, and who might you be?” Delightful.

  3. Hi ChrisND, It would be interesting to see what the psychedelic pattern on the petal looks like to the damselfly eyes. With their multi-faceted eyes, I’m not sure if they see multi-faceted images or not.

  4. Such a beautiful photo! I was just chasing one the other day.
    I enjoyed seeing all your iris blooms too. The yellow and purple is especially lovely. Thanks for explaining the spreadsheet idea. That sounds handy. You’re very good at organization…a great skill to possess. I’d like to be better at it.

  5. Kerri, thanks. I’d love to see more of these bug-eyed insects around the garden.
    I find the spreadsheet a very useful way to keep track of my plants. Once you set it up initially, it’s easy to update as you get new plants.

  6. Beautiful site, love the photo of the damselfly. You too have some great foliage. I guess we are spoilt in White Rock with our climate. We only reach -15 during a really hard winter. But still some plants are lost each year.

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