Merry Christmas

Here are some of the ornaments on my Christmas tree.

brown bird in nest
brown bird in nest

The birds are from when I was young and belonged to the Young Naturalist Society. My father enrolled me in their bird of the month club. Each month I received a new bird in the mail, and now about 50 of them perch or nest in the Christmas tree. I got my love of nature, the outdoors and gardening from my father.

heart wreath
heart wreath

The tiny wreaths, boxes and cross stitch are ornaments I made. The little present ornaments are wrapped with paper that I hand printed. I carved the design and used ink to print them on tissue paper.

fireplace fire
fireplace fire

Here is a fire in my fireplace to add extra warmth on our cold frosty days of -30° C (-22° F). On Christmas the wind chill is supposed to be -39° C (-38° F). This will be a good test for the hardiness of some of the new plants I added this year.

Christmas bears
Christmas bears

The Christmas bear family wish you a Merry Christmas.

20 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Thank you and a very Merry Christmas to you! Love the ornaments! The birds are delightful..50 of them, that is a nice sized collection. What a lovely connection to your father.

    You are a very crafty gardener! gail

  2. Merry Christmas! I think I need a bird of the month club too. I love just about anything bird themed, but especially tree ornaments! It’s been really cold here too for the past too weeks, but warmed up a bit today and now it’s snowing. I’m glad we had a good snowcover before the artic blast hit us!

  3. You really have cold weather so I can understand it’s nice with a fire place. It looks great! Your tree with those birds are beautiful too. Merry Christmas or as we say in Sweden: God Jul!

  4. Karin A, God Jul. It’s a little warmer today than was predicted, but my garden is still best viewed from a window in this weather.

    Ken & Carina, God Jul. I hope you are enjoying your tree now too.

  5. Warm wishes for a very merry Christmas to you and yours. We’re having to work extra hard down here in Seattle to keep our coffee warm! Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment.

  6. Friday morning, the day after Christmas. I hope it was a wonderful Christmas for you. Love your fireplace. Wish I had one here, the nights have been so very cold.

  7. Marnie, it wasn’t as cold a day on Christmas as was forecasted, but it was still a good day to stay cozy inside. The fireplace is great for extra warmth, and for using up some of the extra willow branches.

  8. Victoria, I have fun making ornaments for the tree. I have a few ornaments that belonged to my parents, and were on our tree when I was young, that are especially sentimental.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas dinner, both vegetarian and traditional.

  9. You have a very nice looking Christmas tree. The birds and all the ornaments looks great.
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas evening,
    Now I´ll Wish you and your family a Happy new Year.

    Gunilla in Sweden

  10. Beautiful photos of your lovely ornaments. I was reading your post to my hubby and we were both shocked to see you have -30 deg. That is so cold we just cant imagine it. But you have a beautiful big fireplace to keep you warm :) Merry Christmas.

  11. Gunilla, thank you, we did have a wonderful Christmas, and are still enjoying the Christmas turkey dinner leftovers.
    Have a great gardening year in 2009.

    Sowing the Seeds, the weather has slowed down my gardening efforts. It is supposed to warm up temporarily this weekend, so perhaps I’ll get some more garden photographs. I was out trying to take photos of the garden, and I couldn’t operate the shutter with my thick ski gloves, so I would quickly whip off my gloves, snap the picture, and put them on again while my fingers still wiggled. The deep cold temperatures kept using up the camera battery, and shutting the camera off on me.
    Perhaps I need a camera heater, like the block heater I use to keep the car warm enough to start in the cold. :)

  12. Northern Shade (my shady kinswoman!) I love your homey tree and the wonderful ornaments. I have one of those skinny trees that I keep up all year to hold my little bird collection. :-) What a wonderful tribute to your father. Is he still living? If so, does he know how he’s influenced you?
    Best wishes to you for 2009!

  13. SG, what lovely ornaments! How nice to have reminders of the wonderful memories your father has obviously bequeathed you.
    I love decorating our version of the Christmas tree. Dont laugh, but in tropical lands like mine, with no access to spruce / pine / fir, we use whatever comes to hand. I’ve used branches of Silver Oak and Casuarina at various times in my home and I’ve seen branches of mango trees also being used. It looks nowhere like the pyramidal Christmas trees you’re used to but the whole idea is having fun decorating it, isnt it? :D

    1. Sunita, there are many sentimental ornaments on the tree, and I think of many past Christmas gatherings when I decorate it. I thinks it’s lovely to use the natural branches that you have nearby. Besides, a few mangoes hanging from the tree will be all the more decorative. :)

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