Crocus vernus ‘Silver Coral’

Crocus vernus ‘Silver Coral’ (large Dutch crocus) are a bright white crocus with a strong contrasting purple base. I find they make a nice bridge between purple and gold crocus, flowering after the early snow crocus. They are hardy in zone 3 and return after cold winters. I have had some in my garden for awhile, but the ones in the photos were additional ones added last fall in between some perennials.

Crocus vernus 'Silver Coral'  flowers showing purple base
Crocus vernus ‘Silver Coral’ flowers showing purple base

Here you can see the deep purple base on the goblet of the ‘Silver Coral’ flowers blending into the stem. I’m not sure of the origin of the “coral” part of their name, but you can see how they shine when the light bursts through them, which might be the “silver” part of their name. There are bright gold ‘Yellow Mammoth’ crocus behind them, and different purple crocus in the other direction. The white colour of ‘Silver Coral’ helps tie them all together.

Crocus vernus 'Silver Coral' with white flowers
Crocus vernus ‘Silver Coral’ with white flowers

The translucent petals give them a delicate appearance, but these are another crocus that do just fine in zone 3. Like the other Crocus vernus, they open after the earlier Crocus chrysanthus (snow crocus), while their bloom time overlaps with the later ‘Yellow Mammoth’, which are the last crocus to flower in my garden.

Crocus vernus 'Silver Coral'l with purple striped crocus behind
Crocus vernus ‘Silver Coral’ with purple striped crocus behind

These white crocus blend wonderfully with the purple crocus, and their purple base brings a subtle coordination. The hint of purple at the bottom is similar to the colour at the base of the striped crocus behind them. ‘Silver Coral’ are about 10 cm tall (4 in), just a little shorter than the other Crocus vernus, and the flowers are a little smaller, even on the established ones. The ‘Silver Coral’ flowers are about 3 cm (around an inch) across.

Crocus vernus 'Silver Coral' with Crocus vernus 'Pickwick' behind
Crocus vernus ‘Silver Coral’ with Crocus vernus ‘Pickwick’ behind

‘Silver Coral’ is paired with the purple striped ‘Pickwick’ here. You can see a few of the ‘Yellow Mammoth’ crocus that are part of a much larger group extending to the left of the picture.

Crocus vernus 'Silver Coral' with 'Pickwick' and 'Yellow Mammoth'
Crocus vernus ‘Silver Coral’ with ‘Pickwick’ and ‘Yellow Mammoth’

‘Silver Coral’ is winding through the other crocus in the photo above, joining the purple and gold crocus. There are lots more purple and gold crocus extending in each direction as well as behind. In early spring I’m always glad that I added more crocus the previous fall, as their exuberant beauty is so wonderful in the garden. The Crocus corms are easy to fit in between perennials, and add so much colour while the more timid perennials are barely putting up new shoots. ‘Silver Coral’ are a nice crocus if you are looking for a larger white one that has a little hint of extra colour.

There are more photos of Crocus vernus from previous years in this article.


9 thoughts on “Crocus vernus ‘Silver Coral’”

  1. I see that spring has arrived in the far North! I love how the white shades into the purple! I appreciate seeing these welcoming spring blooms, as we are heading into steamy hot summer when such blooms are only a memory.

    1. Debsgarden, the garden is exploding with bulbs flowers now, as they are all blooming at once after the delayed spring. I, too, like the extra flare of the purple base on ‘Silver Coral’.

  2. Har jag förstått rätt att det är ‘Silver Coral’ den vita med den blåa basen!, den skulle vara fin hos mej nu eftersom min vår blomning går i gult vitt och blått i år.

  3. Your crocus’ look beautiful! Although we have had a very very late beginning of spring this year, nature has caught up nearly to the usual. But I am still waiting for my roses to flourish, normally they are in full bloom at this time of the year.
    But I am very happy that this year we have a real spring season once again, for the last years we had a very hot april (much too early) and in July summer was almost over.
    Enjoy your beautiful springtime and have a nice weekend, Monika

    1. Monika, we had snow right through April, but now all of the April and May bulbs are flowering. Your cooler spring temperatures would keep the bulbs blooming longer, as they tend to fade fast in the heat, and soon your roses will be flowering.

      Marit, I enjoy the way that ‘Silver Coral’ adds some light to the crocus planting.

  4. Your crocus pictures is so beautiful! It looks like the light shining through Silver Coral. They are all so pretty. It has been a very late spring here too. I can not wait to see more photos from your garden!

  5. The flower is beautiful. I am planning to add it to my spring garden. My concerns is whether the leafs will be die out after the blooming.

    1. Sherry, the leaves will die back about a month after it blooms. I have later blooming perennials planted around it, so they cover the dying foliage of the crocus, and then cover any potential bare areas and continue with the flowering. Some perennials I’ve found useful are Campanula (bellflowers) and Perennial Geraniums (cranesbills). I also have Crocus under Hydrangea shrubs, Phlox and Peony.

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