Crocus ‘Yellow Mammoth’

Crocus x luteus 'Yellow Mammoth' bright flowers
Crocus x luteus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ bright flowers

I’ve been growing Crocus x Luteus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ for a few years, and am always pleased with how cheery this bright golden crocus looks in early spring. Being the last of my crocus to flower, it extends the crocus display time. These have been very hardy in my zone 3 garden. They are finished now, three quarters of the way through May.

Crocus 'Yellow Mammoth' surrounded by purple crocus
Crocus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ surrounded by purple crocus

‘Yellow Mammoth’ are a golden coloured crocus that make a nice contrast to the many purple crocus in the garden. The Mammoth name is a bit misleading as they are not that large. They are bigger than the small early Crocus chrysanthus (snow crocus), but smaller than the Crocus vernus (large Dutch crocus). When the sun shines the petals on ‘Yellow Mammoth’ open a little flatter and wider than the Crocus vernus.

Crocus x luteus 'Yellow Mammoth'  golden flowers showing slight stripes
Crocus x luteus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ golden flowers showing slight stripes

You can see the very faint stripes that are present at the base of the outside of the ‘Yellow Mammoth’ petals in the picture above, but you don’t really notice them in the garden, even when the petals are folded up first thing in the morning.

Crocus x luteus 'Yellow Mammoth'
Crocus x luteus ‘Yellow Mammoth’

These are crocus are especially sunny looking, and really brighten the early spring garden. Here they seem to be bouncing the sun’s colour intensity right off of their petals.

Crocus x luteus 'Yellow Mammoth'  flowers with 6 petals
Crocus x luteus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ flowers with 6 petals

Each corm produces many flowers, so they make a dense carpet of that golden yellow colour above the silver striped leaves. Those newly emerging buds have a deeper orange colour before they fully open.

Crocus x luteus 'Yellow Mammoth' with purple crocus
Crocus x luteus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ with purple crocus

Their orange yellow color makes a strong contrast with purple crocus. In this overhead picture, the deep orange centre is visible on the base inside the petals. Crocus vernus ‘Pickwick’ is the purple striped one behind.

Crocus x luteus 'Yellow Mammoth'  yellow flowers with 'Silver Coral' and 'Pickwick'
Crocus x luteus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ yellow flowers with ‘Silver Coral’ and ‘Pickwick’

Here are some of the surrounding crocus, showing how vibrant ‘Yellow Mammoth’ looks as a contrast to the purple. Just behind them are a group of white Crocus vernus ‘Silver Coral’, and to the upper left are some Crocus vernus ‘Pickwick. At the middle of the top you can see the edge of a larger group of solid purple Crocus vernus ‘Romance’. For most of the year, my garden colour schemes tend to be more subtle, but after many months of white winter, a vibrant pop of colour is very cheery and Crocus x luteus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ gives the garden a sunny glow.



11 thoughts on “Crocus ‘Yellow Mammoth’”

  1. You have an impressive amount of crocus! Your photos are so nice with all these crocuses. They are so beautiful when there are so many together.

    1. Silke, once the leaves come out fully on the trees, most of my garden is in more shade, but in spring it’s nice to have some sunny spots for the crocus.

      Tistou, I like that the ‘Yellow Mammoth’ bloom time overlaps the other crocus to bloom together with them, and then it remains as the others fade away so you get a longer crocus time.

  2. ‘Yellow Mammoth’ in my opinion is the best yellow crocus one can find. I also have had it for years and I just love the long lasting blooms! The bounus is well multipling bulbs.
    Kind regards from Estonia!

    1. Shady Gardener, it’s good to hear from you. The crocus are very cheery flowers and it is fun to go outside and observe them a number of times a day.

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