Yellow and Gold Crocus

Crocus 'Yellow Mammoth' with golden flowers
yellow crocus collage
yellow crocus collage

The crocus are done flowering now, but here are some photos of the yellow and gold ones as they bloomed through May, showing my favourite early, mid-season and late flowering yellow crocus.

Crocus 'Yellow  Mammoth' with golden flowers
Crocus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ with golden flowers

Crocus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ is a very golden coloured crocus. Despite its name, it is about the same size as an average Crocus vernus, but larger than the small Crocus chrysanthus. It is long flowering in my garden, and one I can recommend for its hardiness.

Crocus 'Yellow  Mammoth' with Crocus 'Pickwick' behind
Crocus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ with Crocus ‘Pickwick’ behind

‘Yellow Mammoth’ pairs superbly with purple Crocus, for a contrasting colour scheme. I have them planted next to some solid purple ‘Remembrance’, and the purple striped ‘Pickwick’ and ‘Striped Beauty’.  They all make satisfying combinations, especially the dark purple Remembrance, since it matches the intensity of ‘Yellow Mammoth’.

Crocus 'Yellow  Mammoth' with golden flowers and purple crocus behind
Crocus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ with golden flowers and purple crocus behind

In the photo above you can see how bright ‘Yellow Mammoth’ looks in the garden.

Crocus 'Yellow  Mammoth' in snow
Crocus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ in snow

‘Yellow Mammoth’ withstood the snow earlier in May, and resumed flowering when the sunny weather came back. When you live in a cold climate, you have to love tough little plants like the crocus.

Crocus 'Yellow  Mammoth' showing golden colour
Crocus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ showing golden colour

‘Yellow Mammoth’ is always the last crocus flowering in my garden, so its a good choice if you want to extend crocus time.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Romance' in sun
Crocus chrysanthus ‘Romance’ in sun

Crocus chrysanthus ‘Romance’ has a much softer yellow colour than Yellow Mammoth, more like a pale butter colour. I’m going to pair it with the softer purple Crocus ‘Firefly’ next year for a pastel combination. ‘Romance’ is the first crocus to bloom in my garden, along with ‘Prins Claus’.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Romance' with raindrops
Crocus chrysanthus ‘Romance’ with raindrops

Here the  ‘Romance’ buds are closed tight in the rain, while the drops fall harmlessly off the backs of the petals.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Romance' with other crocus behind
Crocus chrysanthus ‘Romance’ with other crocus behind

I have Crocus chrysanthus ‘Romance’ planted in the lawn, next to some deeper purple Crocus sieberi Tricolor’, and the white and purple C. chrysanthus ‘Prins Claus’. The combination really brightens up the grass that still had its winter straw colour earlier in May.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Romance' yellow flowers from above
Crocus chrysanthus ‘Romance’ yellow flowers from above

This shot shows the sweet little ‘Romance’ flowers from above. They sit close to the ground, and the little snow crocus flowers are much smaller than Crocus vernus. With a number of blooms per corm, they still make a good display. These are a good choice if you are looking for a softer spring yellow, a more delicate looking flower, or a very early crocus.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Fuscotinctus' in sunshine
Crocus chrysanthus ‘Fuscotinctus’ in sunshine

The sunny yellow Crocus chrysanthus ‘Fuscotinctus’ have maroon coloured stripes down the outside of the petals that give them some extra zip in the garden. They are a very bright golden yellow colour, that look fantastic next to any purple crocus.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Fuscotinctus'with closed buds showing stripes
Crocus chrysanthus ‘Fuscotinctus’with closed buds showing stripes

This picture shows the maroon coloured stripes that are most visible when the buds are closed tight.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Fuscotinctus' in rain
Crocus chrysanthus ‘Fuscotinctus’ in rain

These Fuscotinctus come up right through the leaf litter, before I could clean it out of the garden beds earlier in the season. In spite of their tiny size, and delicate look, they are very tough and independent, not needing any coddling. That’s one of the reasons I like crocus so much, along with their ability to handle our spring snows.

yellow crocus with purple and white behind
yellow crocus with purple and white behind

Yellow crocus add a little sunshine to the purple and white crocus in the garden. Do you have any favourite yellow crocus?


9 thoughts on “Yellow and Gold Crocus”

  1. Greatings from Sweden!!!
    Crocus is SO very much spring. I love them all just because they are one of the very first flowers that shows in the garden at spring. These were about the first flowerbulbs I got, Before I realized that among flowerintersted friends the names of are sometimes important to know, So I do not have a clue what they are called except for yellow, blue and White :-)
    I live in the South of Sweden and I guess you live more North according to the zone-map than I do since the crocus has flowered and are gone for about a month here. The trees are green, the tulips is blooming and the Peonia are about to open their flowers here so crocus seems pretty far away.
    I have a very openspaced garden, we are surrounded by open fields so it is windy, but I do my very best of planting trees…
    Have a really nice day, and your Crocus looks Lovely!!!

    1. Nilla, the last of crocus have finished, but we have not caught up to your garden yet. We have some recent warm weather, so the other plants are opening quickly now.

      My garden is surrounded by other houses, so it is somewhat sheltered, and I can grow some plants that are for a slightly warmer zone.

      Marit, yellow isn’t my favourite in the garden either, but I really like these with the purple crocus, and after the dullness of winter, the brighter colours look so much cheerier first thing in the spring. My only other yellow flowers are the yellow and purple iris, that we share in common in our gardens. A few were here when I moved in, and I divided them and put them into other beds, so now I have many of them.

  2. Your yellow crocuses are so lovely! I am not so very fond of yellow flowers, but when I see yours I am in love with them :-)
    Here the crocuses are over for this spring since we had a very warm spring since April.

    On your last blogpost I tried to post a comment, but it did not show up.

  3. I love that top collage showing all the cheery yellow crocus. I have to admire any flower that can come up through the snow and still keep smiling! The Fuscotinctus with the stripe is especially appealing. I also admire the way you have combined the yellow, white, and purple ones. It looks like spring is well on the way for you, just as summer is steaming up for us.

    1. Debsgarden, the yellow and purple are an appealing combination for early spring. We’re on round 2 of the spring bulbs now, so I’ll have to post some photos of the newest ones.

  4. Oh instant sunshine! I do like the idea of a Romance/Firefly combination. Here it now seems a long time ago since snowdrops and next year’s bulb catalogues are already coming through the letterbox.

    1. Anna, I’m making mental notes for next fall’s bulb planting. No bulb catalogues are being sent out here yet, but it would actually be a good time, while the spring displays are fresh in your mind.

  5. My, you had a beautfiful display of crocuses this year. I love the photos of them coming through the snow. I had ‘Golden Yellow’ this year and just loved them.

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